Thursday, April 5, 2012

Manila Ocean Park Adventure Part 1: Oceanarium

This is the Part 1 of a 5-part adventure that happened last January 15, 2012. Manila Ocean Park offered discounted tickets to the employees of our company last December 2011 and I bought 2 tickets for myself and also for my girlfriend and it will serve as my birthday gift for her. I bought it for 1,200 pesos each from the original price of approximately 2000+ pesos each(sorry I forgot the original price) and you can enter 6 attractions in Manila Ocean Park. 

Manila Ocean Park ticket

Our first destination is the Oceanarium. From the name itself, you can expect to see things that comes from the ocean. Oceanarium is composed of indoor and outdoor parts. When you enter, you will see first the outdoor part. It looks like a zoo for me because it is the same as the settings of common zoo. There are large aquariums that have fishes like arowana, koi, starfish etc. Here are some pictures of what will you see in the outdoor part of the Oceanarium.

river crocodile


After you finished seeing the fishes, the path will lead you to the indoor part of the Oceanarium. It is a huge dark room filled with large and small aquariums of different species of sea creatures. The room is dark because some fishes are sensitive to light so camera flashes are not allowed but many visitors are not following the rules! Grrrr! Here are some great pictures of those fishes:


small crabs


pajama cardinalfish

porcupine fish

sailfin tang

sea horses


it's not a's me lol

Then after that, you will go to a tunnel and you can see fishes everywhere especially stingrays and sharks.

tunnel full of people taking pictures


Then after seeing all those fantastic creatures, you will now exit the Oceanarium. FYI, the ticket for the Oceanarium only is worth 400 pesos. It is much smarter to buy Ultimate experience tickets worth 1,200 pesos because you can enter 6 attractions and you will also save money. 

It is great to go to Manila Ocean Park with your family and loved ones especially if you have children because it can serve as an educational trip for them and they will also enjoy the experience at the same time.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the Part 2 of the Manila Ocean Park Adventure!


  1. musta naman ang mga kapatid kong pating jan les? tagal ko na ring hindi sila nababalikan he he

    1. hahah ayun miss ka na nila...samahan mo daw sila dun :)

  2. sayang di ako natuloy dyan nung bakasyon ko, binagyo kasi at nakawala yung mga sharks hehe

    1. hahaha next bakasyon mo punta ka sa ocean park..the best yun lalo na yung fish spa...

  3. sarap pumunta jan! ilang beses na rin akong nakapunta heheh. pero prang wala ko nakitang buwaya dati heheh

    1. heheh ikaw na pre...ehehe natry mo na fish spa?

  4. Aba! Nag Oceanarium pala si Lester! :D Mukhang nasulit mo ang punta mo diyan kasi may Part 2 pa. Aabangan ko yun! :)

    1. hehehe abangan mo week post ulit ako ate KM...medyo busy pa sa work eh :)

  5. I've been meaning to go there with hubby. Well find time Kasi the last time I was there nung 2009 pa with my pupils for their filed trip. Tagal na noh? Anyway, it's really a nice place. Thanks for sharing with pics! Sumuporta din. Alam na!

  6. Hello Les! Natatandaan mo pa ba ako hahaha! Sensya na lulubog lilitaw ako kasi bukod sa wala akong computer na magamit regularly super busy rin ako sa work. Wow! Nakaka-excite naman bumisita diyan sa Oceanarium although I've from different huge aquarium here pero gusto ko rin syempre maexperience yan diyan sa atin. Kumurot na rin ako saiyo dito hahaha.

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  8. wish to take my kids to Manila Oceanpark..

    a visit from kim!

  9. I've been here too just recently! :) In fact I'm going to blog about it pretty soon. :)

    My mom was claustrophobic so she cant stand the tunnel.

  10. Was here last December.. I'm sure u leave the place with a smile.

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