Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kart Racing

Last October 15, me and my beloved went to Enchanted Kingdom. We tried almost all the rides but there is one ride that I really want to try. It's Kart Racing. It's actually our 2nd time going to Enchanted Kingdom but during our 1st visit, we didn't try it because it is not included in the "ride all you can" ticket and the fee is a little expensive, but in our 2nd visit, I really insist that we will not leave Enchanted Kingdom unless I tried the Kart Racing. Haha.

The entrance fee for the ride is 370 pesos for the single seat kart and 400 pesos for the double seat. We've decided that we will get 2 single seat kart so we can both enjoy the ride. The ride is only for 10 minutes. The time is a little bit short but I think it's worth it.

At first, you will fill up the waiver form then you will give the money to the personnel. Then they will tell you to get the helmets. I suggest that you bring your own helmet if you have one because their helmets are somewhat old and stinks and the eyeshield of the helmets have many scratches. Then after getting your helmet you'll just have to wait for your turn.
Here are some pictures...

Feeling like a winner LOL

After finishing the ride, I felt very happy even though the time is limited and the race track is small because it was a different experience and the racer in me have just awakened... :)


  1. ayos ah! i want to go back to Enchanted kingdom! heheh

  2. nice post... !! I visit and give your full support ehehheh

  3. wow seems exciting go-kart racing, I've never tried this one

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