Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mt. Maculot Hike: Day 2

It's our 2nd day in Mt. Maculot. We woke up at 7am and take a little breather and then went to the Rockies. It will take about 10-15 minutes walk/rock climbing from the campsite to the Rockies. Here's the picture of the Rockies taken near the campsite. You can see other mountaineers who woke up earlier than us.

The Rockies

Rockies facing the Taal Lake

During our walk from the campsite, we saw this marker which is built by the Philippine Air Force.

Before ascending to the Rockies, you will need to cross a thin road with cliffs at both sides. Scary? Not really because of the amazing views you will see. You've only got to be extra careful.

Then after crossing that thin road, you will start climbing the Rockies. You can call this literally as rock climbing because there are a lot of rocks along the way.

I'm the one with a blue shirt lol

After successfully climbing the Rockies, you will see the most breathtaking views in Mt. Maculot. Enjoy the pictures guys.

Taal Lake

The Karate Kid? haha

Senti Mode

Watta Hair !!!

There are still many pictures that I want to share but I'm feeling lazy right now. lol. We stayed there until 8:30 am and then after that we decided to go back at the campsite. After eating our breakfast, we packed-up our tents and things and started to descend at past 10 am. We reached the mountaineer's store at the jump-off at 12pm. Then we ate our lunch and take a bath and then decided to go home at 2pm. We rode a jeepney going to Lipa City in Batangas and from there we rode a bus going back to Manila. 

And that concludes our Mt. Makulot Hike. Thanks for reading guys.


  1. hmn.. adventure huh. you've got some nice pics here. now here's my comments about the photo captions:
    Karate Kid - should be "Kung Fu Panda" :P
    Senti Mode - should be "Senti-gas ng bato" :)))
    Watta Hair - should be "Mahangin ba sa Labas?"

    TGIF and Peace brother :P

  2. Kasali ka pala sa pityur? hehe joke lang nadala kasi ako sa malabughaw na kalangitan dyan sa obra mo at dyan sa suot mo, galeng ng mga kuha! siyangapala, wagas ang last pic! :D

  3. breath-taking pictures! just dropping by to say hi, hope u can visit my blog too lang po!

  4. oist nasobrahan ka yata celebration ha. check this out and grant my request & malalaman mo kung bakit tayo magkasundo he he...

  5. 3rd comment ng kakulitan. tagal mong sumagot ng post ni rence? so I'm tagging you!!! ha ha ha

    sige na bertdey naman natin eh :P

  6. wow, sounds like fun! happy friday!

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  9. Mura pa siguro guide fee and brgy fee, ngayon ang mahal na umakyat sa Mt. Maculot. Its nice to see fellow climber here :-)

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