Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentines Day Experience

I know it's kind of late for this post but I just want to share my experience this last Valentines Day to all my readers and friends.

Last Tuesday is Valentines Day right?I'm lucky to have no work during that day so I have all the time to prepare. Me and my special someone both agree to meet at Trinoma in Quezon City after office hours (office hour in our company ends at 6:30pm). So I left home at 3:00 pm to go to the mall to buy Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake because I know she will like it. By the way, I also plan to give her doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts because they have a promo that when you buy 3 boxes of doughnut, they will give you a Valentines Day-themed pillow case. I got it from my sister because she works there and I still owe her, I'll pay her later. Hehe. Here are the pictures:

A box of doughnut
pillow case

I arrived in the mall at about 4:30pm so I hurriedly went to the Dairy Queen store because I know that ice cream cakes are in-demand during this special occasion. Luckily there are still 3 cakes left in their fridge and I bought one. It costs me 675 pesos but its ok, it's a piece of cake for me (joke). Here's the picture and sorry if the picture quality is not good, I just don't want to open the box because I don't want to mess up the presentation.

Dairy Queen's heart shaped ice cream cake

After buying, I strolled inside the mall waiting for my special someone. At about 5:30 pm, I felt that there's something weird inside the box and when I look at it, I saw that the ice cream cake is MELTING!!! I don't know what to do at first but I decided to go to the apartment of my girlfriend and her office mates to save the cake before the time runs out. lol. I told her that there's a change of plans and we will meet at their apartment. I didn't tell her the reason because I want her to be surprised by my gift but looking at the melting cake, I realized that I'm the one who is surprised. tsk!

I rode a taxi going to Libis, Quezon City. I asked the taxi driver if he can drive fast because it's an emergency (well it's really an emergency). Well being a good taxi driver that he is, he drove fast. We take many shortcuts. Luckily we didn't experience heavy traffic that is common especially during special occasions. I also told him to put the aircon unit inside his taxi at maximum low temperature because the cake is melting. I don't know what to do at that moment, all I care about is the cake.

At last I arrive at their apartment at 6:00pm. My girlfriend is not yet at home but luckily, one of her office mates is already inside so I ask her if she can help me to put the cake in their freezer. We put it in a plate because the box it already wet with melted ice cream. Here's the picture of my precious ice cream cake. Ouch!

melted ice cream cake

When my girlfriend arrived, she seems to be happy because of my gift for her even though it is not in good condition. We ate it and it still tastes good. After that we went to Cubao for a simple dinner date.

Well my surprise for my special someone can be considered as an epic fail right? But I think it will be considered as an A+ for effort. Hehehe. 

Lesson learned: never buy an ice cream cake again. Just kidding. When you buy an ice cream cake, but sure to take it home as fast as you can.


  1. pare ganda na ng blog mo ha san banda yang sa taas mo???

    1. sa Capones Island yan may Zambales. Malapit sa Anawangin Cove...

  2. when buying an ice cream cake, be sure to buy a car first. =D

    1. noted boss rence..di na ko bibili ng ice cream cake..mahal ang car eh la pa ko ipon..ahaha :)

  3. ha! sabi ko sa'yo make sure na uuwi kayo kagad if ice cream keyk kasi matutunaw yun :D okei naman, wagi pa din naman kasi feeling ko natuwa ang gf mo at kinilig lalo dahil sa surprise na yun ;)

  4. wow!! you're so romantic!!! hehehe. i wish my boyfriend can blog too.. :) wala lang napaka out of topic no??

  5. Natunaw man ang ice cream cake na bigay mo sa gf mo but I'm sure buo pa rin love niya saiyo. :-D

  6. Effort counts! so sweet of you to surprise her =)