Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nokia 500

After not buying a new cellphone for the past 2 and a half year, at last I have come to buy a new one. It is Nokia 500. Actually it is not new, it was pre-owned by the officemate of my girlfriend. It is used for only 2 months and then he decided to sell it. Upon hearing that he will sell it, my girlfriend told me to buy it because her officemate will sell it for only 4500 pesos and also due to the condition of my old phone. The current market value of Nokia 500 here in the Philippines is about 8,700 pesos. Great buy right? I got more than 50% off and the model is released last September 2011 only. Here are the specifications I got from gsmarena.com and some pictures of my new phone.

Nokia 500 Specifications provided by gsmarena.com

Nokia 500

Nokia 500 box

As of now, I use it more on mp3 music and photos because I still use my old phone for work related calls. I personally like the camera because although it is only 5 megapixels, the photos produced are quite good. Here are the sample photos. Take note that I take this photo while riding a bus. The photo is quite good because it is not blurry unlike the other cameras.

They also say that it is a smartphone, but sadly I'm not a tech geek. Can you give me some advice so that I can maximize the usage of my new phone? Kindly put some comments below my friends. All advices will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Naks.. new phone. Ayos lang yan kahit 2nd hand na, basta ba, in good condition naman yung phone. At okay naman yung picture quality.. :)

    Hm, sorry ha, wala akong maibigay na advice.. I don't have the latest gadgets nga din. Okay nako sa aking old Samsung and LG phones. Pero kung meron ba namang magbigay ng bago.. iPhone or BB, eh di GOOD! haha..

    1. haha thanks pa din sa comment ate leah...maganda din naman yung samsung and LG eh..yung gf ko LG gamit nya...ehehe in good condition naman yung phone..may onting gasgas lang yung isang case pero 3 case naman kasama eh kaya ok lang..hehe binilhan ko na lang ng hard case para di magasgas at pandagdag porma na din :)

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