Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mt. Maculot Hike: Day 1

We've had a great adventure last weekend. We climb Mt. Maculot which is located at Cuenca, Batangas. It was my return hike after being inactive for 2 years. The summit of Mt. Maculot is about 930 MASL (meters above sea level) but we didn't went to the summit, instead we went to the Rockies of Mt. Maculot for the famous scenic views of Taal Lake and rock formations. The Rockies is about 706 MASL.

The Mountaineers Creed: " Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time."

Here's the start of the adventure. We all agreed to meet at Jollibee in Gil Puyat LRT 1 Station at 10 in the morning. We took our breakfast there while waiting for others to arrive and left at 12 noon. We take a Lemery-bound Jam Liner bus and the ride last for about 2 hours. We arrived at Cuenca, Batangas at 2pm and we bought some stocks in their public market. Then after that, we took a tricycle ride to the jumpoff.

The jumpoff to the Mt. Maculot Rockies is a Mountaineer's Store. We take our lunch (chicken/pork adobo with rice) there and prepare ourselves for the hike. We started the hike at past 4pm.

During the ascent, we experienced many steep trails. There are also many locals that sells buko juice along the trail for 10 pesos so it will not be a problem if you run out of water/gatorade to drink. By the way, in hiking, we always bring 3 liters of water per person: 1 liter for the ascent, 1 liter for the descent and 1 liter for the group that will be used in cooking and for what we call social night.

We reached the campsite at about 6pm and it's quite difficult to find a place for our group because there are many tents installed when we arrived. It's also a proof that Mt. Maculot is very popular for weekend hikes. After finding a place for our group, we installed our tents and we started to cook food for our dinner and socials.

the campsite

preparing our dinner and pulutan

After eating our dinner, we immediately started our socials. It means drinking alcoholic beverages. We do this to counter the cold breeze in the mountains and also for bonding purposes.

the drinking session

the tomadors

our pulutan consists of nachos, jalapeno, sisig and chocolates

Our socials ended at about 4am in the morning I think. I don't remember the exact time because I'm already drunk. lol. By the way, here's some scenic views during the ascent and on the campsite and also stay tuned for the Mt. Maculot Hike: Day 2.

some part of Taal Lake


  1. ikaw talagang bata ka mag-iinom ka lang umakyat ka pa ng bundok! pwede naman yan dyan sa kanto! ha ha ha (joke!).

    seriously, how many years have you been climbing?

    1. nung 2009 ako nagsimula. unang akyat ko eh sa mt.cristobal sa dolores, quezon... natigil ako for 2 years ngayon na lang ulit ako nakaakyat..ehehe

  2. Parekoy, heto na naman ako. Oh, ano bayang gamit mo na bag? Huwag naman sana North Face tol. Haha.

    Ang galing naman. Ang saya saya siguro pag may kakilala akong mga mountaineers. Wew.

    Yung bag ko, nsa Sandugo Khumbu 40L, color red yun. Search mo lang sa Google. Maganda rin.

    Salamat naman nung sinabi mong matibay ang sandugo bags. Rest assured na ako. Hehe

    1. yup matibay talaga ang Sandugo bags pre...2010 ko pa binili yung bag ko na pang-akyat na Sandugo pero hanggang ngayon ala pa sira...lifetime warranty pa sya kaya itabi mo lang resibo warehouse ng Sandugo ko sya mismo binili kaya mas nakatipid ako...heheh mas gusto ko sya kesa sa North Face...ang mahal kasi ng North Face eh..hehe

  3. Wow, kainggit naman nito. Miss ko na maghiking. Kelan kaya ako makakaexperience ulit ng hiking, yung parang ganito barkada tapos jamming after. Buti walang hangover kinabukasan pabalik? Keep it up :) Have a nice day Lester!

    1. di uso sa amin ang hangover eh...joke..hehe ala naman po hangover...umakyat pa nga kami sa rockies kinabukasan eh...wait nyo na lang yung day 2 ng mt.maculot hike namin..ehehe umaakyat ka din ba dati?

    2. Ay oo pero tatlong bundok lang naman ang pinakamalayong narating ko, yung iba isang bundok lang pero matarik at madulas na maputik.. sa amin kasi madaming bundok kaya naging hobby na ang pag-akyat haha. Di lang yan, wala kaming mountaineering gear at shoes na katulad ng sayo, tsinelas, t-shirt at mahabang pantalon ang mga suot namin nuon hehe kakatuwa at nakakamiss. Sana mainvite ako ng mga ganyan ulit...

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