Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Mountaineering Gear: Clorts Shoes

It's been 2 years since my last climb so I have decided to buy a new shoes. It's also included in my preparation for the upcoming climb this Saturday at Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. My last shoes wasn't a hiking shoes so it's not that good in hiking. It's kinda heavy and when it rains, the mud sticks to its sole so it contributes to weight of the shoes. 

Last Sunday, we went to Sandugo apparel store in Trinoma to check out some hiking shoes. I really want to buy Sandugo shoes because  it's a nice brand and it's a local brand. I want to support our local brand other than imported ones but sadly, Sandugo shoes are out of stock so I tried to search for some alternatives. The salesman told me that Clorts is also a good one because their sole is the same as Sandugo shoes but much lighter and when I tried it, I feel comfortable so I decided to buy it. It costs me 2,145 pesos. I just hope that this shoe is durable enough and will last long. By the way here are the pictures of the shoe.

I'm getting excited for the new adventure this coming Saturday. :)


  1. Pare, I hope you can write a review about that pair of shoes. I'm thinking of buying a hiking shoes kasi. I need it for my course since I'm a geology student. I was thinking on buying Sandugo Toteega or Sandugo Helikon. I've heard maganda rin naman daw ang performance.

    I just bought a new Sandugo Khumbu 40L expedition pack. Gagamitin ko this last week of February 2012. Asteeg yung design. And as what I've read sa ibang nakagamit na nito, it's a very reliable bag daw. Exchange links tayo pre, it's good to know na pareho tayong mahilig sa mountaineering.

    1. actually pre Sandugo Helikon talaga ang gusto ko bilhin. Kaso nung tumingin kami ng GF ko sa Khumbu Store sa Trinoma out of stock daw yung Helikon eh...etong Clorts lang ang available. kaya eto na lang binili ko. So far so good naman pre...masarap sya sa paa...malambot yung loob at di nastress yung paa ko...lightweight din sya kaya highly recommended ko sya...mahal kasi masyado ang merrell para sa akin eh..ehehe

      ano yung Sandugo Khumbu 40L expedition pack pre?ang akin kasi Sandugo Ascent eh...40L ata sya or 45L..binili ko sya last 2009 hanggang ngayon eh ala pang sira...matibay talaga :)

  2. good info, i'm from Indonesia. you are a talented mountain climber. certainly need a good shoe to get good results anyway.

  3. Honggandah nyan at tumataginting na 2k ang amount ouch hebigat! Hmmm pahiram nga hahaha, joke lang. Dalangin ko lang tumagal sya sa piling ng iyong mga paa :D ingat sa pag-akyat!

  4. Wow! Nagmamount climber ka rin pala Les! Goodluck and have fun.

  5. galing galing naman ng iyong weekend getaway..have fun and take care..

  6. wow, feeling ko mura na yang 2k ;) magkakasama ba kayo ni chano na umakyat? balita ko kasi umakyat din sya.

  7. yeah..
    congrat with your shoes..

    nice :)

  8. nice shoes bro! and you know, i'm looking forward to hear stories about the mountain climbing. will you post any? :p